Laboratory of Measurements Interpretation and Acquisition in Geosciences

Who we are?

Students, researcher and professors from INRS-ETE and the Geological Survey of Canada, we work in earth and water sciences.

Our main research projects concern the characterization of reservoirs for CO2 sequestration, hydrogeology, petroleum and mining industy.

Modeling and Inversion in Geophysics

This course covers the resolution of forward and inverse problems in applied geophysics.

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Seismic methods

This course aims at developing skills for processing and interpreting seismic reflection data.

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Data Integration

Course given by Professor Erwan Gloaguen.

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WHAT (Well Hydrograph Analysis Toolbox) is a free, open source, and cross-platform interactive computer program whose main focus is the interpretation of observation well hydrographs.


BH TOMO is an open source borehole georadar/seismic data processing and ray-based 2D and 3D tomography software package written in MATLAB and Python.


ThermCondMap is a web app to explore the geothermal potential in the metropolitan Montreal area, built using the JavaScript library CARTO.js


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